Keep Computer Data Backup Files In A Secure Location

computer-repairYou just cannot predict when something is going to go wrong with your computer or one of the files you have stored there, and when it does happen, any information you have stored is going to be lost, usually forever. It is always recommended that computer data backup files be kept separately where it can be recouped in event of loss.
Security for your computer data backup information may not always imply security from theft or intrusion. It may mean to protect it from similar damage that has affected your main file system. If you store backup files on the same computer hard drive as the original files, if something happens to the hard drive, your backup files will be lost as well.

Although you may believe that since you have not ha a problem with your computer data backup is a waste of time. Just like wearing your seat belt. If you have never had a car accident, you probably still wear it just in case. There are numerous ways the information on your computer can be lost or corrupted, including system failure, and when that happens your life, as you know it, is lost.

What Files Need Backed Up And Where

Generally speaking, you should look at the information stored on your computer and determine which files cannot be recreated if destroyed or no longer accessible. The files you mark for computer data backup may include financial information, family photographs, music you bought and downloaded as well personal projects and email address books.

Whether you decided to use disks, CDs or another form of external device for computer data backup is not really important, rather making sure you will have the means to recover the files from that source available later on, is. Looking back a few shorts years, every computer has at least one drive for three and half inch floppy disks. Not anymore. If you backed up your information on your old computer with these disks and your new computer does not have that drive installed, your filesĀ are still inaccessible. Check out for more information on data recovery.

You may also consider looking for online computer data backup services, where using a secure file transfer protocol (FTP) site, your files, which may include the entire content of your hard drive, can be transferred and securely stored for easy retrieval. Saving your files locally may work, but in event of a disaster could still be lost along with everything else.

Computer Repair Tips: Choosing the Best Desktop Hard Drives

Desktop hard drives can be one of the best investments you can make, but finding the best ones can take some searching. You need to be certain that the hard drive will work properly with your computer and that it is actually big enough to serve all of your needs. Budget is important as well since you can find this particular sort of product in a lot of different price ranges. To help you find the very best desktop hard drive for your needs, we will take a look at some of those choices in this article.

The Seagate Expansion portable hard drive is a device that’s easy to use and one of the lower priced hard drives you can find. You might want to consider taking a time to explore the wide range of data storage devices available through Seagate. The really great thing about the Seagate Expansion is that it’s a simple “plug and play” style model that is easy to use. The fact that the device is so energy efficient is just a little bit of a bonus. Seagate backs this product with a one year warranty, and its external hard drives are generally reliable. When it comes to Macs, the best choice for many owners is the eGo by Iomega. It’s true.

You can force most desktop hard drives to work with Macs but the process is a little painful. What this really means is that anyone who owns a Mac should really consider carefully before buying an external hard drive and choose one like the Iomega Ego when they do. There are several different connection options available to users that include a Firewire port or USB 2.0. You can even take some comfort knowing that your eGo will look good on your desk because it has been designed to match the look of Mac computers. This particular hard drive comes fully equipped with an impressive three year warranty. That’s more than almost any other hard drive on the market.

One of the first things that you will need to pay attention to when you are going shopping for an external hard drive is the connectivity that it provides. They will generally offer you a choice between Firewire or USB connectivity but there are a few hard drives that will offer you both. Firewire is faster but not every computer is going to have this sort of port and just about every modern computer has USB ports. There is also an emerging connectivity format called Thunderbolt technology that is the fastest of them all but not that many devices actually use it yet. Another thing that you need to think about is size because today it is possible to find external hard drives that have as much as 2 TB of space which is around 2000 GB. Check out computer repair Clayton professionals for more tips.

To sum up, today’s external hard drives have got a lot more space than those that were available even a couple of years ago. They are also speedier take up less space and are more portable. If you choose a high quality desktop hard drive that’s compatible with your computer, your data will be a lot more secure.