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Loan service is the way in which a business collects repayment, interest, and other charges from a prospective borrower. In the United States, most mortgages are supported by federal or state-sponsored entities either through purchase from Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, or Freddie Mac. These entities also typically offer direct loans through their own lending facilities as well.

Loan Services

The two types of loan service currently offered by most U.S. banks involve direct and indirect collection of payments. Direct loan servicing involves the actual collecting of payment directly from borrowers for mortgages. This type of service usually includes collecting monthly payment directly from borrowers in addition to collecting interest and other charges on behalf of the bank. In many cases, borrowers have to pay the full amount owed on a monthly basis or may have to make partial payments over a designated period of time. For some borrowers who have good credit, they may be able to pay off the mortgage in full without having to deal with loan servicing, however, this option generally requires borrowers to use an automatic payment plan on their credit card, as it may be difficult for them to budget and plan their expenses in a timely manner when they are living on a strict budget. Title loans Charlotte has great options for those in need of cash.


Indirect loan servicing software is often used to assist borrowers in managing their finances, especially when these individuals are not in a position to budget or make payments on time. This type of software allows the borrower to enter financial data directly into the software, which then generates and sends an electronic notification or email to the borrower detailing all of the financial charges that are due for that month. This type of service usually enables borrowers to automatically receive payment alerts from their bank or mortgage institution, allowing them to budget and pay their bills according to their individual needs. In some instances, this type of service may also allow borrowers to receive loan servicing software, allowing them to make their own decisions regarding the loan and managing their financial data. However, for the majority of borrowers, direct loan servicing software is a better choice, especially since this software is easier to budget and manage than handling and managing their own bank accounts.