SEO Mistakes That Can Hurt Your Success

Google is a household name in many countries, and when you need some information people will be quick to tell you to, “Google it.” If you run a business or a service then you really need to pay attention to this article because it can bring you more business. The internet started small but it now contains more information than anyone can imagine consuming and because of this it has become a necessity for it to be organized as best as possible. This task has been accomplished by search engines; the largest of which are Google, Yahoo, and Bing. If you want visitors to your site then you must learn some basic site optimization techniques. SEO or search engine optimization will increase the chances of your site appearing when someone searches for a word relating to your site.

It’s the sad truth but when it comes to SEO advice you need to be very careful who you listen to because there is so much damaging information out there. The following are three of the most common mistakes that can cause your site the most harm.

Broad Keywords

When attempting SEO, most webmasters starting out make the first mistake, which is to insert too many broad keywords into their writing. It’s true that keywords are a crucial aspect of search engine optimization, but if you just use a bunch of them the search engines may give you penalties as they will consider your site spam. You will lose your site’s high rank because of too many keywords, and that means you’ll also get less traffic. Readers aren’t going to like that very much, as they’re searching for clear, useful information.

Wrong Approach to Internal Linking

The second big mistake is internally linking your pages wrong. You have complete control over your internal linking and need to use that opportunity to make it work in your favor. It is even common for internet marketers to overlook internal linking and focus more on sending the visitor off someplace else. Honestly, you probably won’t find another SEO technique that will give you such all around good results. And what makes it so great is that these are permanent results, not temporary. Many authority sites are masters at internal linking and that is one of the reasons why all of their pages usually have spots 1 or 2 on the first page; an example would be Wikipedia.

Bad Title and Description

Another SEO problem is choosing a bad title and description, as these can also affect your search engine rankings. Search engines will factor in the keywords and themes chosen in the title and description to try and calculate a ranking for your site overall. Compared to a few years ago, search engines and their algorithms for determining rankings have evolved, so pay attention to these elements.

All in all, just make sure your site is not heavily based on flash and when you have images on your site, don’t forget to use the ALT tag. If you can stay away from these success killing blunders, you’ll score higher and you’ll even avoid every seeing a ban from the searches.